With online shops, developed by bERS, you can maintain and update the content of your web site yourself, without having to involve bERS. The software is designed for easy editing from any workstation and at any time

The creation of new page such as landing pages for search engine optimization and marketing campaigns by e-mail are only two of the many options available to you. For product-related content, you can tap into the product master database of the online shop backend – admin panel.

Multilingual staff members of bERS assist you in producing content for your various markets. We generate and integrate your multilingual product specifications, descriptions, photographs and meta data, taking into account all requirements of modern online marketing.

Positive consumer feedback provides a valuable tool for the expansion of your customer base. bERS helps you link up to online review portals, marketplace like Amazon, and assist you in processing and responding to customer feedback about your products and services.

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