How It Works

How It Works


1. You send us your stock and we store your products

4. We pick and pack your orders

2. Your customer places their order

5. Timely delivery on the chosen service

3. We extract the order


We start by exploring your business and vision, learning as much as we can about you and your company. Understanding the fine details helps us create a custom fulfillment strategy for your specific needs. We’ll also take care of any paperwork needed to help you get the ball rolling.


Now the work starts! You get to focus on growing your business while we get started on receiving orders and shipping them to your customers.


We’ll simultaneously integrate our software with your ERP, shopping cart platform and marketplaces while your products are being shipped to our warehouse. As you’re learning the ins and outs of bERS, we’ll receive your products, store them, and test everything one last time to make sure everything is perfect upon launch.

Part: Pre-contract/request for offer


  • Step 1: Register your interest to cooperate with bERS
  • Step 2: Provide detailed information for your request with bERS
  • Step 3: Receive offer
  • Step 4: confirm offer

Part 2:


  • Step 1: buyers place orders
  • Step 2: release orders to bERS
  • step 3: pick & pack
  • step 4: worldwide delivery
  • step 5: buyers receive orders
Part 1:


  • Step 1: use pre-registered access account to create inbound forecast
  • step 2: set-up inventory data
  • step 3: send products to bERS warehouse (s)
  • step 3a: request transport service from bERS to ship products to bERS warehouse (s)
  • step 4: warehousing

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