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Welcome to bERS Third-Party Logistics world. We sincerely hope that each and every user entering our website will find exactly what they are looking for



Real time visibility for your operation

Working with bERS, you get access to an online portal that shows you in real time what’s happening in the warehouse environment.

Value Your Time

Focus on the core of your activites

The core business of bERS is provision of integrated logistics solutions. By partnering with us, you can focus on your core activities.


Your piece of mind

With pick & pack accuracy performance of 99.7% we are constantly reviewing our processes in relentless pursuit of perfection


bERS Logistics follow strict government and certification standards

Our warehouses are certified by the BFSA (food), BDA (pharma) and our logistics operations are compliant with IFS Logistics and GDP. In addition, certain facilities are certified to handle organic, bio and hazardous products.


When you store your products with us, we agree with you to insure the inventory against natural calamities, theft and damages, incurred in our operations.


Our warehouses are security monitored 24/7. We make sure we are compliant to rigorous security policies to keep your inventory safe.

Our Mission:

  • bERS Logistics is committed to providing efficient and reliable services across all its business segments to its valued customers where safety is our top priority.
  • bERS will commit its resources to safe and environmentally sound operating practices.
  • That will result in providing our employees with a safe work environment and our customers with assurance of safe, dependable service.
  • We aim to be recognized among current and prospective clients as a premier provider of outsourced supply chain services, to be the leader in the Third-Party Logistics industry.



Reduce your costs and delight customers with highly accurate, highly efficient e-commerce order fulfillment.


Serve the unique fulfillment needs of your sales force.

Тhe Warehouse

Streamline your supply chain with inbound, outbound and aftermarket logistics support.

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