Метро лого

Metro Cash and Carry

Warehouse Logistics Services – Metro is an international chain for fast-moving consumer goods. They cover 8 cities in Bulgaria with 11 Hypermarket stores: Acceptance of goods
Cross dock Deliveries:
  • over 200 suppliers per week
  • over 2,000 pallets per week
  • 5,000 items
  • batch verification and confirmation for each item
  • inspection and confirmation of the expiration date of each item
  • inspection and confirmation of the master date and quantity of each item
Main Warehouse:
  • Acceptance of imported goods
  • Check of mixed goods pallets for expiration date and batch
  • Check for damages during transportation (feedback with photos)
  • Storage and monitoring of FIFO (daily reporting on stocks and expiration dates)
Warehouse Logistics Services
Preparation of orders:
  • Daily for every store in the country
  • 4 temperature regimes
  • Over 60 000 boxes physically prepared per week
  • Process administration
  • Deliveries with a fixed time slot
  • Eligible vehicles Sealing and inspection of vehicles
  • Supply tracking
Интерснак лого

Intersnack Bulgaria

Intersnack Bulgaria – Manufacturer of fast-moving food products. Leader in the category Chips and Snacks on the Bulgarian and European market. They have a portfolio of over 120 items. Warehousing Logistics services – preparation of orders and delivery to distributors, international and local key customers. Logistic distribution of fast-moving food products: Acceptance of goods
Deliveries from manufacturer:
  • 120 food products
  • From 3 factories in Europe
  • batch verification and confirmation for each item
  • inspection and confirmation of the expiration date
  • inspection and confirmation of the master date and quantity of each item
  • process administration
  Central Warehouse:
  • Preparation of requests for National and local key clients
  • Preparation of requests for National distributors
  • Weekly schedule for each client
  • Compliance with delivery rules KPI’s implementation for each client
  • Foiled and labeled with the contents of each pallet
Warehouse logistics services
Preparation of applications:
  • More than 230 requests per day
  • Over 2 000 clients weekly in Sofia
  • Picking per piece
  • Processing of bonuses and promotions for clients
  • Processing of returned goods
  • Process Administration
  • Document processing
  • Verified Exit check after preparation of request
  • Invoicing customer requests
  • Collection of debts from clients
  • Deliveries by route for each day
  • Inspection of goods upon delivery
  • Daily reporting on KPI’s implementation
Our partnership dates back to mid-2018, which allowed our company to focus on its core business, namely to develop our products and brands in the store network. bERS Logistics serves the entire retail network and local key customers in Sofia and Sofia region on a schedule agreed between the two parties, fully consistent with our sales team. We have quality and timely warehousing logistics services, as well as perhaps the most important thing in the modern business model that we receive - timely and accurate communication between the two companies. We can plan our sales and marketing activities so that we can be sure that our products will be on site at the right time and we will have the expected positive result.
Boyan Markov
Commercial Director
Арива лого

Rice Land - Arriva

The company is a manufacturer and importer of over 600 fast-moving food products. Own production and storage base in Plovdiv. Covers 6 main food groups, among the market leaders in legumes, canned vegetables and animal foods. Distribution of fast-moving consumer goods in Sofia and Sofia Region. Development of a network of retails
Team of 5 sales representatives:
  • Portfolio of 300 products
  • Covering 6 different product categories
  • Deliveries by zones Covering more than 800 retail clients
  • More than 100 requests per day
  • Covering local key clients Covering small local distributors
  • Development of portfolio in different categories Promotional activities
  • Monthly merchandising goals
  • Monthly goals for new clients
At the beginning of August 2021 our company Rice Land launched a joint project with bERS Logistics to build a distribution network for customer service in Sofia and Sofia region. The management and sales team of bERS made great efforts to give a strong start to the project and the results were not late. I would like to express my gratitude for the dedicated work of the entire bERS Logistics Team and I hope that in the future we will work better and better so that our ARRIVA brand can be preferred by customers in Sofia.
Peter Canov
Since its inception in 2005, Bers logistics has been providing high quality 3pl outsourcing of integrated logistics services.
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